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60cm Vitis 'Crimson Seedless' Outdoor Grape Vine | On a 90cm Cane in a 3L Pot Climbing Plants
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60cm Vitis 'Crimson Seedless' Outdoor Grape Vine | On a 90cm Cane in a 3L Pot Climbing Plants

60cm Vitis 'Crimson Seedless' Outdoor Grape Vine | On a 90cm Cane in a 3L Pot

Vitis 'Crimson Seedless'

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The Highlights

    • Sweet and juicy red grapes fresh from the vine
    • A reliable dessert variety with a complex flavour
    • Late and prolific cropper–ready to harvest August-September
    • Can be eaten fresh, made into jams or jellies, as well as your very own wine!
    • Perfect plant to give your garden a rustic Mediterranean aesthetic
    • Hardy up to -10ºC–only needs protection in colder winters
    • Support RequiredGrape vines are best grown on a support such as a trellis or wire. This will allow maximum sun and air to the plant and also ensure that the grape bunches do not drag the plant to floor.MORE
    • Please Note: Our climbers are pruned back each winter, and some during the summer, so you may find at certain times of year they do not cover the whole 90cm cane. This is intentional to ensure the best growth when you plant out

Planting Calendar

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Know Your Plant

Supplied as:

3L Potted Plant

Height on arrival:

The height of your plant will be dependent on the time of year and pruning cycle. All climbers arrive on a 90cm bamboo cane.

Eventual height:


Eventual spread:

Reaches a spread of 10mMORE

Tasting notes:

Sweet, slightly tart with hints of spice

Time to first crop:

Yields best after 2 years
You may have some smaller bunches of grapes in your second summe or maybe even your first. But, it will be in your 3rd summer, after two years of establishing itself, that you will start to see the plant's best yields.


A vigorous deciduous climbing vine which can be trained over a pergola, archway or in a greenhouse.


Frost hardy up to -10ºC. In colder regions you may want to protect the plant by putting it in a sheltered south-facing location. In really cold winters you may want to consider further protection such as horticultural fleeces.MORE

Self fertile:

Self Fertile


Eat fresh, make wine



Grape vines are best planted 1.5 meters apart in rows 1.5-1.8 meters apart.

Care Guide

Good Pest and Disease Resistance

Grape Vines can suffer from the following diseases: Powdery Mildew, Downy Mildew, and Grey Mould. General, non-chemcial control of these diseases includes watering at the ground and avoiding splashing water from the ground onto the leaves. Most fungal diseases thrive in humid conditions so keeping the plant itself as dry as possible will avoid these diseases. Pick up and bin fallen any foliage. Burn or bin to the landfill (not garden waste bin) any infected foliage. Keeping the ground around the plant clean will prevent the transmission of diseases. Prune the vines to ensure adequate airflow and light to reach the plant which will prevent crowded and humid conditions.MORE

Water Lightly

You will want to water your new vines during dry and hot periods to give the plant a chance to establish itself. After this it will only need a light watering during periods of extensive drought if grown outside. If grown indoors you will need to monitor the watering carefully, mindful not to give water too often.MORE

Full Sun

You will want to plant somewhere the plant will receive 6-8 hours of direct sunlight everyday during Spring and Summer.MORE

Any fertile, well drained soil

If your soil is particularly clay heavy and gets waterlogged often, make sure you mix in plenty of organic matter and perhaps even gravel or perlite to help improve drainage.MORE

Feed Annually

Every Spring feed with a high-potash fertiliser such as liquid tomato feed as new growth starts to emerge.MORE

Prune Often

You will want to prune your Grape Vines often to help improve yields and maintain a healthy plant. The main pruning is done in Late Autumn to Early Winter (around November time). Training, pinching out new shoots and fruit thinning occurs throughout the growing season. There are numerous methods for pruning and training grape vines. One trusted method for outdoor growing is the Guyot system.MORE