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Petunia Surfinia Mix 15 x | Jumbo Plug Plants Annual Bedding
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Petunia Surfinia Mix 15 x | Jumbo Plug Plants Annual Bedding
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Petunia Surfinia Mix 15 x | Jumbo Plug Plants Annual Bedding
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Petunia Surfinia Mix 15 x | Jumbo Plug Plants Annual Bedding
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15 Mixed Petunia Surfinia Jumbo Plug Plants Annual Bedding

15 Mixed Petunia Surfinia Jumbo Plug Plants

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A mix of the longest and most successful trailing petunias around
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The Highlights

    • A stunning mix of pinks, purples and whites
    • Includes RHS Award Winners and prolific bloomers
    • One of the truest trailing petunias there is
    • A magnificent feature for hanging baskets
    • One of the best all-weather-tolerant petunia varieties
    • A self-cleaning variety–no deadheading required
    • One of the most popular petunia varieties for 30 years
    • Flowers from June to October
    • Cutting-Raised: more healthy and vigorous plants When a plant is 'Cutting-Raised' that means the plant was grown from the cutting of another plant of that same variety. That means it is an exact clone of that plant. Of course, we pick only the strongest and healthiest plants to take cuttings from and so when a plant is Cutting-Raised they tend to be healthier and more vigorous which means they'll flower more heavily for a longer period of time than a plant that was raised from seed.MORE
    • For best results, plant 12 in a 12inch basket/ pot or space 6 inches apart in the a bed/ border
    • Our jumbo plugs will be delivered in mid April. By this time, they will be a good size, the risk of frost will be gone and the ground will be warm and they will shoot off!

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Know Your Plant

Supplied as:

15 Jumbo Plug Plants
Plug plants are small seedlings that allows you to skip the germination process involved in having to sow from seed.

Height on arrival:


Eventual height:


Eventual spread:


Time to first crop:

Flower colour:

Blush Pink, Snow White, Magenta Purple


This plant will quickly spill over and trail if placed in a hanging basket, pot, window box or other container


Somewhat Hardy
Plant out after the last frost and they should do well throughout the growing season and into Autumn.



12 per 12inch basket/ pot or space 6 inches apart in the a bed/ border
A good rule of thumb when planting a hanging basket is to use one plant per inch of basket diameter - so 12 plants per 12 inch (30cm) basket. Strong-growing plants such as Fuchsias and Geraniums (Pelargoniums) require more space, so reduce to 5 plants per 30cm 12 inch (30cm) basket. When planting out in the ground, you can space the plants even further, as there is not such a need for a desnse display. Increase to 6 inches for most annuals and 8 inches for the strong growing plants

Care Guide

Good Pest and Disease Resistance

The most common Petunia problems include Aphids, Budworms, Mites and Leaf Miners. For Aphids, check the leaves regularly for any possible infestation. If you see some, try to pick the bugs off with your hands and spray the infected area with some soapy water. You can also plant a companion plant nearby, such as Marigolds, which will attract predatory insects such as ladybirds that will eat the aphids. For Leaf Miners, non-pesticide methods to combat against the bugs are to spray your plant down with Neem Oil and to also purchase specific parasitic wasps which will target the Miners and cause them to die. Again, Neem Oil is a good tool to use against Budworms and Mites to.MORE

Water Often

Ensure that the soil does not dry out for too long. This will often call for a deep watering once a week. However, during hot, dry spells, this can require you to water the plant every day, especially if the plant is in a hanging basket or pot.MORE

Full Sun

Petunias should be planted somewhere they receive around 6-8 hours of direct sunlight every day.MORE

Fertile, Well-Draining Soil

The best soil to use is a quality potting mix or garden compost which is filled with rich organic matter and drains water away easily.MORE

Feed Regularly

Feed every two weeks during the growing period with a high-potash feed such as liquid-tomato feed.MORE

Not Required

This variety of petunia is self-cleaning, which means it naturally deadheads itself to promote continuous flower growth.MORE