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Border Plants

There’s nothing better than perennial plants for creating a vibrant, colourful display of flowers all summer long - and the great thing about perennials is that they bloom again year after year. Whether you’re filling gaps between existing plants in your borders or creating a whole new feature, we’ll help you design, choose and care for your perfect perennials.

How to Make a Flower Bed or Border

A traditional herbaceous border is planted in layers, with taller plants at the back, scaling down in height to the low growing plants at the front. More contemporary schemes tend to use plants of the same height or type for impact. If your bed or border will be viewed from all sides, you can position the taller plants in the middle. Make sure to plant your annuals far enough apart to allow them to spread.

Perfect Plants for Flower Beds and Borders

For the low growing annual plants, choose Nemesia, Marigolds and Gazanias in coordinating tones or a range of contrasting colours. Our favourite taller varieties for the middle of borders are Petunia, Geranium, Dahlia and Osteospermum - and if you want to add even more height against a fence or wall, take a look at our guide to Tall Perennial Plants. Impatiens and Antirrhinums are perfect choices if you’re planting a block of the same variety.

Plant Care Tips for Flower Beds

Choose a sunny spot to make your annual border, and make sure all chance of frost is past before planting. Most annuals prefer fertile, well-drained soil, so dig in some compost or manure. Water regularly, feed with a general plant food and remove any dead flowers to encourage new growth.