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Bare Root Plants

Why are Bare Roots better? The plants are easy to establish because they’re dormant right now and they’re great value too because transporting them without pots means we can pass the savings down to you. Professional growers choose Bare Roots because they’re better for plants, the planet and you. Bare Root plants are freshly lifted from the fields and delivered to you without soil around the roots. Plant them from November to March while they’re dormant and they’ll be strong, firmly rooted and ready to explode into life in the spring. Check out our step by step guide to planting Bare Root here.


Victoria Plum Tree
Victoria Plum Tree

The UK's favourite - reliable, versatile and delicious!

1 option from £32.00
  • Dual purpose plum with sweet, juicy purple fruit
  • Mutiple sizes and rootstock options available including 1 x 1.5m patio tree
  • Heavy crops of fruit in mid-late August
  • Self fertile (Pollination Group 3)
Conference Pear Tree

Who doesn't love a Conference Pear?

1 option from from £22.00
  • Superb, aromatic flavour and soft, juicy flesh
  • The nation's favourite Pear tree
  • Mutiple size options available inc. Patio Tree
  • RHS Award Winner
Stella Cherry Tree
Stella Cherry Tree

A familiar old favorite, prized for its flavour

1 option from £32.00
  • One of the UK's most popular varieties
  • Late Harvest - July/August
  • Mutiple size options available inc. 1.5m x 1m Dwarf tree
  • Reliable & Self fertile (Pollination Group 4)
Mountain Ash Rowan Tree | Sorbus aucuparia
Mountain Ash Rowan Tree | Sorbus aucuparia

Perfect size & shape, fiery autumn foliage, vibrant winter berries & creamy autumn flowers - What more do you want?

1 option from £45.00 £40.00
  • Beautiful pink berries
  • Spectacular Autumn colour
  • Aids native wildlife & bees
  • Tolerant of pollution
Morello Cherry Tree
Morello Cherry Tree

The ultimate cherry pie starts here

1 option from £35.00
  • Perfect for pies, tarts, cakes, sauces, jams...
  • Late Harvest - July/August
  • Colt Rootstock: Max size H4m x W4m
  • Self fertile (Pollination Group 4)
Silver Birch Tree | Betula Pendula

Statuesque, with classic silver-white bark

1 option from from £25.00
  • A striking, medium-sized deciduous tree
  • Elegant silver bark and gracefully weeping branches
  • A favourite of local wildlife
  • Fully hardy and low-maintenance
Autumn Bliss Raspberry Plants

Award winning variety allowing you to enjoy the taste of summer right up to Halloween

1 option from from £10.00
  • Excellent aromatic, extra sweet flavour
  • Very reliable, bumper harvests
  • RHS Award Winner
  • Pick from August to October
Concorde Pear Tree
Concorde Pear Tree

A fantastic modern variety that performs incredibly well

1 option from £26.00 £24.00
  • Reliable, bumper crops in all conditions
  • Great keeper, store for up to 2 months
  • Partially Self Fertile - Pollination Group 4
  • Max size H4m x W4m - Quince A Rootstock
Glen Ample Raspberry Plants

Fantastically popular, this is the most widely grown summer fruiting variety

2 options from from £10.00
  • Heavy cropping and very reliable
  • Very rich flavour, perfect for jams
  • RHS Award Winner
  • Fruits from June to September
Williams Bon Chrétien Pear Tree
Williams Bon Chrétien Pear Tree

A great traditional English Pear with fine flavour

2 options from £35.00
  • RHS Award Winner for fine flavour and performance
  • Best Pear for poaching
  • Partially Self Fertile - Pollination Group 3
  • Max size H4m x W4m - Quince A Rootstock
Merryweather Damson Tree
Merryweather Damson Tree

The largest damson variety, great for cooking & jams

1 option from £26.00 £24.00
  • Culinary damson with large blue-purple fruits perfect for jams
  • Max size H4m x W4m - SJA Rootstock
  • Late season harvest in September
  • Self fertile (Pollination Group 3)
Polka Raspberry Plants

The best autumn fruiting variety you can grow

2 options from from £10.00
  • In fact, probably the best Raspberry variety full stop
  • Reliable, bumper crops, up to 2.5kg
  • Will produce a good crop the year you plant it
  • Fruits right through from Aug-Oct
Hinnonmaki Red Gooseberry Bush

A hardy & vigorous variety

1 option from from £13.00
  • Very hardy and vigorous
  • Bred in Finland for hardiness
  • Excellent Dessert variety
  • Ideal for bottling and preserves
Joan J Raspberry Plants

Enjoy a bumper harvest of huge, autumn Raspberries

1 option from from £12.00
  • Great flavour & virtually spineless
  • Incredibly reliable cropper
  • Perfect for pots
  • Pick all the way from July to October
Big Ben Blackcurrant Bush

Produces fruit almost 3x the size of other varieties

2 options from from £10.00
  • Produces extremely large fruit
  • Developed especially for the fresh market
  • Easy to pick fruit
  • High disease resistance
Glen Prosen Raspberry Plants

The longest fruiting Raspberry you can buy

2 options from from £10.00
  • Vigorous plant with a heavy crop
  • Robust, perfect for wet or dry areas
  • One of the best flavours for jam
  • Harvest from June right through to October
Ly654 Thornless Loganberry Plants

One of the finest, most aromatic, sweetest berries you'll ever eat

1 option from from £15.00
  • A famous Raspberry x Blackberry hybrid from California
  • Packed full of intense, complex flavours
  • Make a jam you'll only want to break out on special occasions
  • Stem does require support
Farleigh Damson Tree
Farleigh Damson Tree

Heavy cropping Damson with juicy blue fruit

1 option from £35.00
  • Culinary Damson with heavy crops of blue fruit
  • Max size H4m x W4m - SJA Rootstock
  • Crops mid-season in late August
  • Self fertile (Pollination Group 4)
English Oak Tree | Quercus Robur

The King of Trees

1 option from from £20.00
  • Grand and Majestic Oak Tree
  • Dark green foliage in summer
  • Spectacular bronze autumn colour
  • Very popular with local wildlife
Malling Admiral Raspberry Plants

Very strong, reliable Raspberry variety

1 option from £10.00
  • Excellent pest and disease resistance
  • Perfect for organic growing
  • Easy to grow, great if it is your first time!
  • Expect to see fantastic yields from July into August
Golden Delicious Apple Tree
Golden Delicious Apple Tree

Well-loved, versatile and irresistible

1 option from £40.00
  • Mellow golden dual-purpose award winner
  • Max size H3m x W3m - M26 Rootstock
  • Late season - harvest September to October - great for storing
  • Not self fertile - pollination group 5
Red Haven Peach Tree

Very fine flavour with good resistance to leaf curl

1 option from £40.00
  • Fine, sweet flavour
  • Good resistance to Peach leaf curl
  • Self Fertile
  • Max size H3m x W3m - Montclare Rootstock
Laxton's Superb Apple Tree
Laxton's Superb Apple Tree

Heirloom apple with a sweet, floral flavour

1 option from £40.00
  • A sweet, dry dessert apple with floral notes
  • Max size H3m x W3m - M26 Rootstock
  • Late season - harvest September to October
  • Not self fertile - pollination group 7
Corkscrew Willow | Salix matsudana 'Tortuosa'

Uniquely-shaped twisting and contorting branches

1 option from from £40.00
  • Uniquely-shaped twisting and contorting branches
  • Fresh, bright green foliage
  • An ideal choice to add winter interest
  • Offers varied seasonal interest

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