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Hollyhock Plants

Huge cup-shaped flowers growing close to the 6ft stalks (or racemes) from June to August up against the fence in your cottage garden, or on a front wall for the benefit of the butterflies, bees and passers-by. Hollyhocks are Biennials with a 2 year life cycle, first growing leaves, storing energy, then throwing up the tall flower spike in the second year.
Giant Hollyhocks Collection
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Giant Hollyhocks Collection

Towers above all the other flowers

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  • Colour all summer long from June to September
  • Grows to around 2m tall!
  • Perfect for a bee-friendly border
  • Great for cutting
Hollyhock 'Chaters White'
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Hollyhock 'Chaters White'

The brightest and most eyecatching hollyhocks

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  • Happy in full sun to partial shade
  • Reaches showstopping heights in borders
  • Flowers June to September
  • Showstopping frilly petals