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Other Soft Fruit Plants

This collection of exotic and unusual plants are very different but what they all have in common is stunning looks and fruit which - if you can find it in the shops at all - is rare and expensive. Rise to the challenge of growing something truly out of the ordinary that will become a real talking point, whether in your garden or your home.

Need help picking?

Choose your soft fruit plants

All of our other soft fruit plants make fabulous features - being able to harvest your own super-healthy Goji Berries, Honeyberries or Cranberries is a bonus! For the most exotic looks, choose Passion Fruit or Kumquat - both will flourish in a sunny conservatory. Hardier varieties such as Pomegranate, Paw Paw and Japanese Persimmon thrive outdoors in our colder temperatures.For smaller spaces, Pineapple Guava and Kiwi are star picks.

Where to grow your soft fruit plants

Choose a sheltered spot in your garden for varieties such as Goji Berry and Paw Paw which are hardy in even colder areas - Pomegranate is hardy to minus 17 degrees! Most are self-fertilising, but it is best to plant Honeyberries in groups, to aid pollination. Cranberry is a native shrub, so will be happy in a border, as will Pomegranate. The more exotic varieties such as Kiwi , Kumquat and Pineapple Guava are best grown in a warm spot indoors.

Other soft fruit plant care tips

You’ll be surprised at how easy some of these exotic plants are to grow in the UK. Keep them well nourished with fertiliser, prune regularly and be sure to protect the less hardy varieties. Climbers such as Kiwi and Passion Fruit will need to be supported with wires or trellis. For all the best advice and tips on planting, growing and harvesting other soft fruit, as well as how to avoid common problems, read our Full Care Guide.


Osborne's Prolific Fig Tree
Sold out
Osborne's Prolific Fig Tree

One of the most heavily fruiting figs

0 options from £10.00
  • One of the most heavily fruiting fig trees
  • Perfect for UK climate
  • Easy to grow
  • Amazing sweet rich flavour
Brown Turkey Fig Tree

Gorgeous lobed leaf tree bearing sweet, juicy figs

2 options from from £15.00
  • Fully hardy and well-suited for UK climate
  • Highly ornamental with attractive lobed foliage
  • An easy to grow plant
  • Produces large crops of sweet juicy figs
Madeleine Des Deux Saisons' Fig Tree

Fit for a king

1 option from £15.00
  • Produces two crops per season
  • Dates back to the reign of Louis IV
  • Prized for its abundant fruiting
  • Perfect for UK climate
Rouge De Bordeaux Fig Tree

Centuries old gourmet French Fig

1 option from from £15.00
  • Produces attractive purple figs with red flesh
  • Self-fertile
  • Thrives in a greenhouse
  • Perfect for eating french or to make jam
Issai Hardy Kiwi Plant

Mini kiwi known for its bumper crops

2 options from from £15.00
  • Hardy plant known for bumper crops
  • Small, cup-shaped white flowers
  • Delicious edible yellow-green fruit
  • Attracts bees and other pollinating insects
Provence Pomegranate Bush

Famously hardy

1 option from £25.00
  • A superb old French variety
  • Ideal for UK climate
  • Sweet juice & fragrant flesh
  • Glossy foliage and vibrant orange flowers
Pomegranate Bush

Famously hardy

1 option from £15.00
  • A superb old French variety
  • Ideal for UK climate
  • Sweet juice & fragrant flesh
  • Glossy foliage and vibrant orange flowers
Goji Berry Plant

Fantastic royal purple flowers & healthy berries

2 options from from £8.00
  • Fantastic royal purple flowers
  • Sprawling shrub with long, flexible canes
  • Juicy bright fruits
  • Easy to grow & hardy
Ly654 Thornless Loganberry Plants

One of the finest, most aromatic, sweetest berries you'll ever eat

1 option from from £15.00
  • A famous Raspberry x Blackberry hybrid from California
  • Packed full of intense, complex flavours
  • Make a jam you'll only want to break out on special occasions
  • Stem does require support
Red Pearl Lingonberry Plants

A wonderfully well kept secret from Northern Europe

1 option from £10.00
  • Wonderful sweet tasting little berries, similar to Cranberries
  • Full of vitamins and powerful antioxidants
  • Perfect for making intriguing sauces
  • A reliable cropper, used to even colder summers than we have
Jostaberry Plant

Very unique berries that you have to try

1 option from £13.00
  • An unlikely pairing between Gooseberries and Blackcurrants
  • The result are plump, juicy berries with an extraordinary flavour
  • Packed full of vitamins and antioxidants
  • Expect to see huge crops, up to 7kgs
Ken's Red Hardy Kiwi Plant

Sweet, red-fleshed Kiwi

1 option from £15.00
  • A gooseberry sized Kiwi with red skin and flesh
  • Sweeter and more aromatic than regular Kiwis
  • Excellent storage properties
  • Perfect on a patio pergola
Ice Crystal Fig Tree

A highly ornamental award-winning fig tree

1 option from £15.00
  • Winner of RHS Award of Garden Merit
  • Highly ornamental
  • Self fertile
  • Perfect for smaller gardens
Cranberry Plant

A powerful antioxidant

1 option from from £8.00
  • Dense, evergreen shrub
  • Red, edible berries in autumn
  • A powerful antioxidant
  • Great for making jams & preserves
Medana Tayberry Plants

Bumper crops of juicy, sweet, aromatic berries

2 options from from £8.00
  • A cross between a Raspberry and Blackberry
  • Large, sweet berries with an added aromatic flavour
  • Thorned variety which requires support
  • Aromatic flavour makes exceptional jams
Japanese Wineberry Plant

Sweeter and darker than a raspberry

1 option from £12.00
  • Incredibly sweet dark berries
  • White-pink star shaped blossom in summer
  • Easy to grow vigorous climber
  • Ideal to grow in pots or borders
Unusual Berry Collection | 3x 3L Pots
Unusual Berry Collection | 3x 3L Pots

Taste the difference with these colourful fruits

1 option from £36.00 £30.00
  • Delicious pink blueberries, jostaberries and golden raspberries
  • Harvest fresh fruit from July to October
  • Brings colour to borders or patio pots
  • For rainbow fruit salads, smoothies and juices
90cm Seville Orange Tree 'Bigaradier' | Grafted Mini-Stem

Produces fruit within 18 months

1 option from £50.00
  • Hardy orange variety
  • Compact, round shape
  • Large fruits of delicious flavour
  • Glossy, dark green foliage
Jenny Hardy Kiwi Plant

The only self-fertile, hardy kiwi variety in cultivation

2 options from from £15.00
  • Self-fertile
  • Sweet egg shaped fruit
  • Creamy white flowers
  • Red tipped foliage in summer
90cm Lime Tree | Lime Of Tahiti | Grafted Mini-Stem

A stunning patio feature

1 option from £50.00
  • Stunning patio feature
  • Bright green, zesty fruit
  • Fragrant tiny white flowers
  • Seedless limes produced in abundance
Buckingham Thornless Tayberry Plants

If you've never tried a Tayberry before, what are you waiting for!?

1 option from £26.00
  • A cross between a Loganberry and Blackberry
  • Large, sweet berries with an added aromatic flavour
  • Thornless and reliable, expect bumper crops
  • Perfect for making sauces and impressing neighbours
90cm Kumquat Tree | Grafted Mini-Stem

A wonderful fruiting ornamental tree

1 option from £50.00
  • A fruiting ornamental tree
  • Sweet edible skin and sour flesh
  • Glossy foliage and fragrant flowers
  • Self-fertile
Wellington Mulberry Tree
Sold out
Wellington Mulberry Tree

Highly prized for ornamental value and delicious fruits

0 options from £25.00
  • Highly prized for ornamental value
  • Deep, glossy red fruits
  • Attracts bees and other pollinating insects
  • A highly productive variety
Pineapple Guava Plant | Feijoa Sellowiana
Sold out
Pineapple Guava Plant | Feijoa Sellowiana

An evergreen South American exotic

0 options from £15.00
  • A South American native
  • Bears summer blossom with pink starbursts
  • Boasts an extraordinary taste
  • Easy to grow

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