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Asparagus Plants

One of the best things about May is seasonal, UK-grown asparagus. One of the worst things is the price - but not if you grow your own. Asparagus plants and crowns are easy to grow in a sunny border or even pots. Rich in folic acid and vitamins A, B6, C and K, asparagus is delicious lightly grilled with hollandaise, baked, barbecued or even eaten raw in salads. And with plants lasting up to twenty years, it's not a bad investment!

'Pacific 2000' Asparagus Plant
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'Pacific 2000' Asparagus Plant

Exceptional flavour and tender spears

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  • A gourmet green asparagus so tender it can be eaten raw
  • Harvest late May-June
  • Grow in a sunny border, vegetable bed or large container
  • Attracts pollinators
'Guelph Millennium' Asparagus Plant
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'Guelph Millennium' Asparagus Plant

Top performing award winner

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  • Vigorous green spears with heavy yields
  • Harvest May-June
  • Consistently out-performs other varieties
  • RHS Award of Garden Merit winner